Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Chaos List

In the last few day I was reading the new Chaos Space Marines Codex to see if I could put together a fun army list to play with the Khornate army I started to build last month

The following list is what I came up with. I don't play tournaments, just for fun with my friends so keep this in mind when you judge it :)
Also, you will notice that I included a unit of Obliterators with the Mark of Nurgle: I really think that Mark will help the unit more than the one of Khorne.


 Chaos Lord, Mark of Khorne, Terminator armour, Axe of Blind Fury, Veteran of the Long War, combi-plasma @162

- 3x Chaos Terminators, Mark of Khorne, Icon of Wrath, Veterans of the Long War  1x combi-plasma + Power Fist, 1x dual Lightning Claws, Champion with Lightning Claw + Power Fist @184

- 8x Berzerkers of Khorne, Icon of Wrath, Veterans of the Long War, Champion with Power Sword @200
- Chaos Land Raider, Dirge Caster, Dozer Blade @240

- 6x Chaos Space Marines, Mark of Khorne, 5 CCW, Flamer @113
- Rhino, Dirge caster @40

- 5x Chaos Space Marines, Mark of Khorne, 5 CCW, Flamer @98
- Rhino, Dirge caster @40

- 20 Cultists @90

- 3x Obliterators, Mark of Nurgle, Veterans of the Long War @237

- 1x Forgefiend, 2x Hades auto-cannons @175

- 1x HelDrake, Baleflamer @170

== 1749

I will Deep Strike the Lord and his Terminators bodyguards near and  interesting target and the Berzerkers will drive the Land Rider toward the enemy lines while the 2 CSM units will hunt objective campers. The Obliterators will march up field while providing cover fire

After arriving from reserves, the cultist will go sit on an objective in my deployment zone with the protection of the Forgefiend and the Drake will hopefully Vector Strike and burn units all over the field

One possible future modification I see is to replace the Forgefiend with another HelDrake, but only if needed and when I get the second drake (I really like the model!)

What do you guys think? This is the first time I write a CSM list so all the comments and critique is very welcome!

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