Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Good intentions for the new year!

After reading this great blog entry by The Eye of Error (check his blog, his Dark Eldar army is really stunning!) I started to think about what my goals for 2013 are and I decided to share here what I came up with.


1) Complete (building & painting) my 6th Ed. Dark Eldar list: The Kabal of the Golden Rose

2) Came up with a 6th Ed list for my Eldar and build & paint it. May be themed as Saim Hann or Alaitoc uhm


1) Start to seriously work on my Khorne collection

2) Build a Coven themed Dark Eldar army

3) Build an Orks army!

4) Build and paint my Eldar Revenant Titan

5) Work on an miniature or two from my "Miniatures I'd like to paint" list


Uhm it sure seems like a lot of things to do for someone who work as slowly as me!

As I said in my first post, I started this blog to keep me focused in my work and I think this is starting to yield results so I will use my blog to keep track of my project, I just need to figure out how those Blogger Pages works lol

And to show that I'm on track, today I started to work on two Ravagers for my Dark Eldars:

Warriors of Chaos Khorne Chaos Lord on Juggernaut: sprues pictures

Hi guys and gals, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

After being reminded in the comments that I still have not posted pictures of the Warriors of Chaos Khorne Chaos Lord on Juggernaut kit I picked up my camera! :)

The kit come in a plain white box from Games Workshop Direct service

After a first general inspection I did not found any major imperfection in the cast. This is the second Finecast kit in a row that I'm pleased with

Nice details on the Juggernaut itself:

I plan to use the Chaos Lord as the leader of one of Bloodcrushers units I'm planning for my Khornate army collection or as a Herald on Juggernaut. It will be a fun kit to build and paint!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Space Marines Salamanders Stormtalon : project complete!

The Salamanders Stormtalom I was building as a Xmas gift for a friend is finally complete and on his merry way to my friend house!

Before shipping it away I took this last set of pictures:

This was a very fun kit to assemble and paint. I made a couple of mistakes here and there and in the end I had to rush things a bit but I really enjoyed building and painting it!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Candy time!

In the past few days something was bothering me and I realised that it was that last yellow layer I applied over the flames: the model looked too much yellow-ish!

So, after asking around on various online forums in our great community I decided to bring the green look back by applying what it's sometimes called a "candy coat": a layer of very thinned paint sprayed all over the existing colours to change them slightly. It's really a sort of glazing technique used to shift the colour below toward a certain hue.

I used a 4:1 mix of Vallejo Game Color Fluo Green and Vallejo Gloss Medium heavily thinned down.

Just look at the following picture, a candy coated wing beside an untouched one:

Quite a difference if I could say so myself!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Stormtalon quick update

Tonight I worked on the Techmarine pilot. Noting fancy here as he will be mostly hidden by the canopy

I airbrushed him from below with Vallejo Model Air (VMA) Mahagony and then with VMA Fire Red from above to put down the basic shadow and mid tone colours. Then I airbrushed VMA Scarlet Red on the top most surfaces to highlight the model.

The same process was used on the arms after masking the control panel. I then painted the shoulder pads rims, the armour joints and the fingers black along with any other surface what would be painted in a metallic colour in the next step I used Games Workshop Chaos Black

I then painted the metallic areas with a base coat of VMA Gun highlighted with a 1:1 mix of VMA Gun and VMA Steel.

What's left for today are the gold details, the control panel screens and buttons and a final wash add a bit of shadows here and there.

I was also asked for more picture of the hull so here they are:

Only 4 days to complete this!