Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Stormtalon quick update

Tonight I worked on the Techmarine pilot. Noting fancy here as he will be mostly hidden by the canopy

I airbrushed him from below with Vallejo Model Air (VMA) Mahagony and then with VMA Fire Red from above to put down the basic shadow and mid tone colours. Then I airbrushed VMA Scarlet Red on the top most surfaces to highlight the model.

The same process was used on the arms after masking the control panel. I then painted the shoulder pads rims, the armour joints and the fingers black along with any other surface what would be painted in a metallic colour in the next step I used Games Workshop Chaos Black

I then painted the metallic areas with a base coat of VMA Gun highlighted with a 1:1 mix of VMA Gun and VMA Steel.

What's left for today are the gold details, the control panel screens and buttons and a final wash add a bit of shadows here and there.

I was also asked for more picture of the hull so here they are:

Only 4 days to complete this!

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