Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wall of Martyrs Imperial Bunker from Games Workshop review

Wall of Martyrs Imperial Bunker box 1

Previously available only in the Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defence Network kit, the Imperial Bunker was recently released by Games Workshop as a standalone product.


Wall of Martyrs Imperial Bunker box 2

Inside a the low profile box, similar the ones used for other Imperial terrains such as the Sanctum Imperialis, you find a single sprue that hold all the kit components... and nothing else!

Wall of Martyrs Imperial Bunker box content

No building instructions of any sort are provided, not even a brief diagram on the back of the box. The kit is really a simple one so the lack of instructions should not cause to much problems


The sprue look and feel like all the others "Made in China" kits from Games Workshop and it hold essentially four walls and a roof with only couple of decorative bits. No floor is provided but there is really no need for it. If you fell so inclined, you could always make one from a sheet of plasticard or similar material.

The front wall is, like you would expect, the most detailed one with it's winged skull and the massed bodies of death Guardsmen piled under the small windows of the bunker

Wall of Martyrs Imperial Bunker sprue 1

The roof is nicely detailed with the standard "safety floor" pattern usually found on metallic floors or walkways

Wall of Martyrs Imperial Bunker sprue 2

One of the three doors present in the kits (there are too many of them I think) is located on the back wall along with the set of stairs that lead to the roof and a pile of ammunition boxes or fuel containers

Wall of Martyrs Imperial Bunker sprue 3

The side walls each sport a door: I think that they may have left one out and used the space for some extra details but this could have been a little impractical considering that this kit was designed to be connected to the others wall sections of the Wall of Martyrs

Wall of Martyrs Imperial Bunker sprue 4

On the other side of the kit components there are almost no details at all but this is expected as almost all of us would just paint the inside black and be done with it anyway

Wall of Martyrs Imperial Bunker sprue 5


At 26€ (or 18£ / 33$) the kit is a bit pricey for what we get. It's the same price of the Basilica Administratum, Sanctum Imperialis and Manufactorum kits but with those kits you get a little more to play with in term of number and variety of bits and level of details.

All in all it's not to much pricey (as far as Games Workshop kit goes) so if you need a bunker for your army, this kit is a very good alternative to the DIY route.

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