Friday, 31 May 2013

Eldar Wraithknight progress 2

Work continue on the Wraithknight: the kit is really big, many many pieces and I'm not gluing most of them for painting ease.

The torso/chest armour is amazing, a bunch of different pieces that kind of wrap around the main body!

Just a piece of advice: don't thrust the assembly instruction and test all the connection before gluing anything

Update: test the pose:

Man it's big...

Eldar Wraithguards / Wraithblades sprues - UPDATED

The new Eldar Wraithguards / Wraithblades sprues including the 3rd one currently not appearing on GW website.

UPDATE: here is a picture that show some of the differences between the 2nd and 3rd sprues. The components "type" are the same between the two but the components themselves are sculpted differently

Eldar Illic Nightspear sprues updates

Updated pics of Illic spures as promised :)

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Sons of Isha are back! And so am I ...

Hi guys and gals! Long time no see!

In the last couple of monts (maybe more..) I was slowly pushed away from 40K by RL (and a bit of Minecraft lol) but all the talks about the upcoming new Eldar Codex has brought me back to the hobby. And I'm really exited!

I started my journey in 40K with Eldar, they are my first love and the models that are coming to us on the June 1st are a work of beauty in my opinion. I have already ordered the new kits (and the Codex) thanks to my local game store and I also have a couple of ideas about how to paint them. I'm going to test a few things this weekend and I've already put my 20 (twenty!!) Wraithguards under water to remove the ugly paint job I did three years ago. Also I'm going to continue with my Eldar Jetbike conversion plan, cause I really hate that old lame bike!

I hope you are excited as  am about the new Eldar Codex and models!