Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Chaos List

In the last few day I was reading the new Chaos Space Marines Codex to see if I could put together a fun army list to play with the Khornate army I started to build last month

The following list is what I came up with. I don't play tournaments, just for fun with my friends so keep this in mind when you judge it :)
Also, you will notice that I included a unit of Obliterators with the Mark of Nurgle: I really think that Mark will help the unit more than the one of Khorne.


 Chaos Lord, Mark of Khorne, Terminator armour, Axe of Blind Fury, Veteran of the Long War, combi-plasma @162

- 3x Chaos Terminators, Mark of Khorne, Icon of Wrath, Veterans of the Long War  1x combi-plasma + Power Fist, 1x dual Lightning Claws, Champion with Lightning Claw + Power Fist @184

- 8x Berzerkers of Khorne, Icon of Wrath, Veterans of the Long War, Champion with Power Sword @200
- Chaos Land Raider, Dirge Caster, Dozer Blade @240

- 6x Chaos Space Marines, Mark of Khorne, 5 CCW, Flamer @113
- Rhino, Dirge caster @40

- 5x Chaos Space Marines, Mark of Khorne, 5 CCW, Flamer @98
- Rhino, Dirge caster @40

- 20 Cultists @90

- 3x Obliterators, Mark of Nurgle, Veterans of the Long War @237

- 1x Forgefiend, 2x Hades auto-cannons @175

- 1x HelDrake, Baleflamer @170

== 1749

I will Deep Strike the Lord and his Terminators bodyguards near and  interesting target and the Berzerkers will drive the Land Rider toward the enemy lines while the 2 CSM units will hunt objective campers. The Obliterators will march up field while providing cover fire

After arriving from reserves, the cultist will go sit on an objective in my deployment zone with the protection of the Forgefiend and the Drake will hopefully Vector Strike and burn units all over the field

One possible future modification I see is to replace the Forgefiend with another HelDrake, but only if needed and when I get the second drake (I really like the model!)

What do you guys think? This is the first time I write a CSM list so all the comments and critique is very welcome!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Khorne army progess: Chaos Terminators and Terminator Lord

Chaos Terminators of Khorne

This weekend I was able to make some real progress on my Khorne army! I worked on a Chaos Terminator unit and did more work on my Terminator Lord. The "design" of the models is pretty much complete: this basically means that I like them now and I'm fine with the components I've used, the weapons load out, the pose and so on :D

As an added bonus I put together the Aspiring Champion for a unit of Raptors I plan to build in the future.

I'm also working on an army list to maybe play some games with the army when it's complete.

Now let's dive in and check each models out!


I'm going for a Chaos Lord with Terminator Armour, Mark of Khorne, Axe of Blind Fury and Veteran of the Long War

Chaos Lord of Khorne in Terminator armour, Axe of Blind Fury

Chaos Lord of Khorne in Terminator armour, Axe of Blind Fury

Chaos Lord of Khorne in Terminator armour, Axe of Blind Fury

Chaos Lord of Khorne in Terminator armour, Axe of Blind Fury

I need to clean up it's arms and finish up the axe put a bit of green stuff here and there to buff him up a bit more


The current plan if to have the Terminators escort my Lord and ride with him in a Land Raider so I could field only 4 of them in the unit.

This two are the "standard" guys, armed with combi-bolter and Power Fist:

Chaos Terminators of Khorne

Chaos Terminators of Khorne

Chaos Terminators of Khorne

Chaos Terminators of Khorne

Next we have a Terminator with a pair of Lightning Claws and the Icon of Wrath

Chaos Terminators of Khorne

Chaos Terminators of Khorne

I've not decided what to do with the icon: mount it on the top of his backpack or on top of o pole planted on the base?

The last model is the Terminator Champion and I armed him with a Lightning Claw and a Power Fist

Chaos Terminators of Khorne

Chaos Terminators of Khorne


To close up, here is the Aspiring Champion with a pair of Lightning Claws for a Raptor unit

Chaos Raptors Aspiring Champion with Lightning Claws

Chaos Raptors Aspiring Champion with Lightning Claws

What you guys think so far? Please let me known in the comments :)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hobby vows - February 2013

As you may have read, I did not complete all my vows for January. I probably put too many things on my to-do list and too many of them where basically the same thing done over and over (four almost identical vehicles)

For this reason I decided to go easy on myself for this month. So, here we go with the new vows


A bit of change could do me well at the moment so I want to switch focus from my Dark Eldar to my Khorne army. For this reason I want to complete the Chaos Lord I started last month and start working on his Terminator buddies


As a secondary goal I'd like to complete at least one of the two Ravagers I was working on in January


No bonus vows this time around :)

Not too much planned, so lets hope I could get them done this time :)

Hobby vows - January 2013 - UPDATE!

With January gone, it's time to draw conclusions on my vows... and it's not looking good. At all

I may have set the bar too high or I could be a little burn out at the moment


My primary objective was to build two Dark Eldar Raiders and two Ravagers

One Ravagers is almost complete, I only need to put on the external hull decorations and hanging crew men

All the weapons and weapons turrets are magnetised for gaming and painting purpose. I also put magnets on the sails and the trophies for ease of transportation.

To add a bit of variety I raised the connection points of the trophies here and there in different places on each hulls. I did the same for the other Ravagers and the two Raiders

The other Ravager and the Raiders are a little behind, with work to be done on the crew and the trophies. I also need to do some greenstuff work to conceal the magnets here and there


My secondary goal was to came up with a painting scheme for my vehicles: I played around with various ideas but I still have to decide witch way to go


I actually did some good work for my bonus objective, building a Chaos Terminator Lord. Here he is:

I've not yet decided about his weapons: I like the look of the twin lighting claws and the chain fist so I'll probably magnetise his arms


I think that working on four vehicles at the same time was a bit too much. A little boring too I think :)