Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hobby vows - January 2013 - UPDATE!

With January gone, it's time to draw conclusions on my vows... and it's not looking good. At all

I may have set the bar too high or I could be a little burn out at the moment


My primary objective was to build two Dark Eldar Raiders and two Ravagers

One Ravagers is almost complete, I only need to put on the external hull decorations and hanging crew men

All the weapons and weapons turrets are magnetised for gaming and painting purpose. I also put magnets on the sails and the trophies for ease of transportation.

To add a bit of variety I raised the connection points of the trophies here and there in different places on each hulls. I did the same for the other Ravagers and the two Raiders

The other Ravager and the Raiders are a little behind, with work to be done on the crew and the trophies. I also need to do some greenstuff work to conceal the magnets here and there


My secondary goal was to came up with a painting scheme for my vehicles: I played around with various ideas but I still have to decide witch way to go


I actually did some good work for my bonus objective, building a Chaos Terminator Lord. Here he is:

I've not yet decided about his weapons: I like the look of the twin lighting claws and the chain fist so I'll probably magnetise his arms


I think that working on four vehicles at the same time was a bit too much. A little boring too I think :)


  1. Very nice raiders and ravagers. I like your chaos termies too. They have a lot of character. I wish i had magnetzied my raiders like you did. Great work

    1. Thank you! Magnetizing the guns on the Ravagers was a real pain.. but I think it's worth it as you can swap them with ease an carry the boat around more easily