Monday, 29 September 2014

Alaitoc Night Spinner - part 1 -- UPDATED

Hi guys!
During the weekend I worked on the last addition to my Alaitoc army: a Night Spinner!

The Falcon chassis is really showing it's age, the surface is covered with micro bumbs and imperfection that needed careful sanding. The main turret (and also the hull mounted Shuriken catapults) is magnetised so it could be replaced by a Fire Prism turret or a Falcon one if needed

I glued it in various sub-assemblies, keeping my painting-plan in mind. I also spent quite a lot of time filling gaps with green stuff and milluput (and sanding again after that!)

All the bits and pieces are washed and they are drying right now

Next step: priming and base-coating!

UPDATE: all the bits are now primed white

Saturday, 20 September 2014

#quick-update: Alaitoc' Dire Avengers

I'm currently build three 5-men units for my current Alaitoc list.

The first unit is almost complete, they just need a banner and the targeters:

I just stopped putting togheter the bases for the second unit, working my way up from the base to get the pose I want for every model in the unit:

Do you like them so far?

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

#quick-update: Iyanden Jetbikes

Currently working on six Windrider Jetbikes for my Iyanden army:

I made them by combining the old Dark Eldar jetbike kit with the (older) Eldar jetbike kit

As you probably could guess, I'm also working on some custom flying stands for them ;)