Saturday, 10 November 2012

Painting white... the 'Eavy Metal way

Painting white... the 'Eavy Metal way

Work (slowly) continue on the Aegis Defence Line. Having chosen the Ultramarines paint scheme means pretty much three things: blue, white and gold!

With blue pretty much out of the way, it was time to deal with white. Oh joy! If there is one thing I've learnt reading painting advices on forums and on YouTube is that white and yellow are two of the most difficult colours to paint. I guess that I'm lucky to have only one of them to deal with...

After searching only for a "good recipe" for white I remembered that in the 'Eavy Metal Masterclass book one painter of the 'Eavy Metal team show how to paint an Ultramarines HQ. Hes recipe is quite simple:

  1. a Codex Grey base coat
  2. a layer of Fortress Grey
  3. may thin layers of Skull White
All paints are from the old Citadel paint range, before this new base/layers/whatever nonsense.

Encouraged by the apparent simplicity of the task i gathered my paint pots and brushes and I painted one of the small section of the Defence Line

Covering the blue with many thinned coats of Codex Grey was a bit tedious and long to achieve

painting many thin coats of Codex Grey over the French Blue

I must say that by working only on a single section I had to wait for one coat to dry before applying another one so by working on more sections at a time I should have no wasted idle time

The Fortress Grey was a bit easier thanks to the Codex Grey background

painting white step 2: a layer of Fortress Grey

Looking at the picture I think that I should have thinned the Fortress Grey more :(

When the Fortress Grey layer was dry, I applied many and many coats of Skull White: doing it on two different place of the miniature helped immensely as I was literally seeing the white taking form

Painting white... the 'Eavy Metal way

All and all I think that the white turned out OK, but I must thin the paints more than the 1:2 paint/thinner ratio I've used. A good lesson learnt for when I paint the remaining Defence Line sections!


  1. hi! to paint white I usually just put down a couple layers of ceramite white. do you known what colors from the new games workshop paints I could use to do what you did here?

    1. Hi there! I'm afraid that there is not an exact equivalence between the old colors and the new one because they changed the paint formulation (and the supplier I think).

      GW suggest the following conversions:

      Codex Grey -> Dawnstone
      Fortress Grey -> Administratum Grey
      Skull White -> White Scar

      If you alredy have the new colors you could try and see how they work togheter but if you don't have them already I suggest that you buy the following colors from the Vallejo Game Colors line because they were designed to be an (almost) exact match of the old GW range:

      Fortress Grey -> Stonewall Grey
      Codex Grey -> Cold Grey
      Skull White -> Dead White