Thursday 23 May 2013

The Sons of Isha are back! And so am I ...

Hi guys and gals! Long time no see!

In the last couple of monts (maybe more..) I was slowly pushed away from 40K by RL (and a bit of Minecraft lol) but all the talks about the upcoming new Eldar Codex has brought me back to the hobby. And I'm really exited!

I started my journey in 40K with Eldar, they are my first love and the models that are coming to us on the June 1st are a work of beauty in my opinion. I have already ordered the new kits (and the Codex) thanks to my local game store and I also have a couple of ideas about how to paint them. I'm going to test a few things this weekend and I've already put my 20 (twenty!!) Wraithguards under water to remove the ugly paint job I did three years ago. Also I'm going to continue with my Eldar Jetbike conversion plan, cause I really hate that old lame bike!

I hope you are excited as  am about the new Eldar Codex and models!

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