Friday, 27 November 2015

#quick-update: Betrayal at Calth Veteran Tactical Squads wip

Hi guys,
just a quick update to show the work so far on the tactical side of things

Betrayal at Calth Veteran Tactical Squads wip

The 20 Emperor's Children marines are almost done, just the heads and backpacks are missing at the moment, along with a couple of options for the two Sergeants

I've replaced most of the standard torsos with the Forge World ones and used a bounce of old metal shoulder pads that I've bought long ago. This, and the fact that the 10 good guys are going to get Blood Angels shoulder pads, have give me access to the whole 12 studded pads of the set so I was able to use a studded pad for every marine with a studded leg

Speaking of the good guys, you can see them in the background awaiting for heads, pads and backpacks

All the models are based with only some minor detailing work left to do on the base themselves

If all goes according to plans, I will paint a test model for the EC this weekend :)


  1. Nice! Now I wait for your test model :D

    FW torsos on models that hold weapons in both hands like these guys is a bit of a waste of money IMO - you can't see them much because of that. But I know that it feels good to know that you have them there:D (just like painting something that won't be visible BUT YOU HAVE TO PAINT IT!:P)

    What are these metal shoulderpads? Too bad that old models were a bit smaller than the current ones so these shoulderpads look a bit different than the plastic ones - that's why I've decided to make my first FW purchase and buy their shoulderpads instead of GW Iron Hands Upgrade pack;/

    BTW, I found a new replacement for my lost waterpot and I can finish now the termies:D

    1. I'm about to start painting it :D

      Yeah I know, it's the reason I used only half of them on those models and I've tried to position the arms as to leave as much of the torso visible ;)

      The shoulder pads are a metal upgrade kit that GW sold until a couple of years ago. Yeah they are a bit smaller than the standard ones but the difference is minimal

      Looking forward to see more painted Termies :DD

    2. Termies are coming today:D

      Well, the Shoulderpads are smaller but their edges are thinner as well - and that really suits mk IV style :D I bet it won't be so noticable after it's painted :)

    3. Hope so! I also used some Blood Angels shoulder pads for the good guys and they are a bit smaller too. Oh well, I guess SM got smaller in 10K years :D