Thursday 12 November 2015

Betrayal at Calth comptemptor assembled -ish

Hi there!
playing around with the comptemptor, it's pose and the base

I've cut out and repositioned the left left to make it look a bit more dynamic

The Horus Heresy Betrayal at Calth comptemptor assembled

The Horus Heresy Betrayal at Calth comptemptor assembled

The Horus Heresy Betrayal at Calth comptemptor assembled

The cast quality is good and I've found very few mould lines. It will need a bit of gap filling on the legs to hide the join lines

Next up? Probably the Terminators ;)


  1. Well it was fast - you've just opened the box:P Did you glue this heavy weapon arm or did you magnetize it? I think I'd magnetize it myself - both of the weapons have cool and useful rules in the game :)

    1. :D there is really not much do to with that model, almost no mould lines at all. The arms are not glued right now, nor is the leg I've repositioned. I will first fill all the gaps, magnetize the heavy weapon arm then I will glue the leg and maybe the left arm. I will surely paint the sarcophagus front plate, claws and heavy weapons apart from the main body

      I've started to read the rules this morning and I like them so far :D

    2. Haha, now I really can't wait to get my box! I thought about ordering some IH icons from Forge World to decorate dreadnoughts body. But I think that the first thing I'll make is Kurtha Sedd and Termies :D

      Rules are awesome - especially critical attacks + combinations of weapons on single hex. The most OP combination so far is the plasmagun, plasmapistol and missile launcher on the same hex - it gives you basic attack of 11 dice. Critical adds either +4 dice from plasma weapon or +1attack per model on attacked hex from missile launcher - that makes 15 dice attack in total:P (and the game itself has 12 dice if I'm correct?). Anyway it's enough to slay a hero or damage dreadnought:D

    3. I have some EC bitz coming in from FW for the Legion Tacticals ;)

      The Termies are awesome models! I cleaned up all the legs and torsos last night pretty quickly to start the magnetization work. All the arms can be swapped for another weapons so plenty of magnetization work ahahah

      I'm kinda of read half the rulebook and I really like the new unit concept. Mixing models from different squads is really cool! I love the missile launcher rules and the plasma is powerfull but comes with the right amount of risks!

      Yes, there are 12 dice in the box

    4. Nice :) My marines will wait for their shoulderpads until the next payday.

      Termies are wonderful and much better than standard 40k ones. To be honest they are the main reason why am I buying this set:)

      I can't wait for tomorrow!

    5. Shoulder pads are going to be a problem with the Termies. There are only 5 pairs in the box.
      I'm putting magnets in all the arms available so I've to come up with a solution for the shoulder pads. Maybe pinning?

  2. Replies
    1. Yes I did :D I gave 1 of my friends his 10 tacticals already and another 10 is waiting to be sent to another.

      The parts and models themselves are amazing - too bad that I don't have time today to paint them ;/ I'm also planning to translate cards and book for my friends soon.

      And about termies - I won't use magnets. I did magnetize some of my models but in the end I've never swapped a thing:P I think that I'll make my termies with powerfists/chainfists and combibolters + flamer and I will use lightning claws if I'll buy FW termies one day (they don't have weapons and I'll have spare lightning claws so it's all right).

      I can't decide what should I make first - one of the heroes, dred or termies? Tacs have to wait for shoulder pads which I didn't even order yet (and it will take some time).

      Ahhh, and last thing - I really like the backstory of this game. I've recently read The First Heretic about downfall (or maybe the rebirth?) of the Word Bearers and what happened to Monarchia - thanks to that I can fully understand why WB are doing this - and it's awesome!

    2. First termie is now waiting for the basecoat to dry :D

    3. Nice! I have put magnets in about half of the arms. Still no decent idea for the shulder pads but I'm gonna try something today

    4. Good luck with that! I've finished my termie and now I'm waiting for the base to dry. Ehhh, to bad I can't get IH transfers anywhere, I had to do a freehand of the symbols on shoulderpads. Anyway I'll post pictures of him on my blog today:P

      Hm... I' making Iron Hands... and you are waiting for your Emperors Children parts... Oh my...

    5. And it's done!

    6. Nice man! I like the color scheme, dark as the dark ages of the Heresy!

      I finally completed the magnetization process; I don't wanna known how many magnets I ended up using :D

    7. Haha, I'm curious how it turned out:P