Sunday, 9 June 2013

Eldar Wraithknight progress 5

Hi guys!
I started painting the Wraightknight a couple of days ago and today I mostly completed the main airbrush work on the yellow parts. What is left to do is to apply a light wash of the main colour to tie all the blending together

The last highlight is not really that bright in real life but the wash will attenuate it a bit more

For those interested, here are a few pics of the steps I followed to paint the yellow armour

1) I primed all the relevant pieces with a white primer. Those that are going to be black (or blue) were primed with a dark grey primer (Vallejo German Panzer Grey)

2) All the "yellow" pieces received a base coat of a 1:1 mix of Vallejo Model AIR Wood and Ochre

3) I glued together the legs bits and the torso and arms bits

4) The black areas were masked to prevent over spay

5) The mid-tone colour was applied leaving the base coat visible in the shadow areas. I used Vallejo Model AIR Gold Yellow

6) The first highlight was done with Vallejo Game Color Bald Moon Yellow. And it look like that I forgot to take a picture of this step ...

7) The final highlight was done with a 1:1 mix of Bald Moon Yellow and Vallejo Model Color Pale Sand

Tomorrow I'm going to apply a wash of Gold Yellow to the whole model and after that I'm going to seal it with a couple of coats of gloss varnish.

Before starting to paint the Wraightknight I made a couple of test on this couple of Guinea pigs:

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