Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Eldar Jetbike conversion WIP

Hi guys & gals!

The BigBoy assembly is completed finally and he is currently taking a bubble bath to get ready for priming. In the end I swapped the hands and he now look much better with the open hand on the shield arm and the closed fist on the Suncannon arm

While the Wraithknight is getting ready for painting I'd like to share another Eldar project I'm working with: a Jetbike conversion.

I really don't like the current (and very old) Harley-style bike and so I came up with a new version based on a mix of the old Eldar kit and the "new" Dark Eldar Reaver

As you can see I also converted a finecast Warlock to be my test raider: I think that Warlocks are going to be pretty useful to Jetbike units with the new Codex :)

The bike canopy is pointing a bit downward to keep the bike to look like too "high" like in the older model when the engine pods where hanging quite a bit lower than the canopy itself. For this reason I moved the Shuriken Catapults under the engine pods. The Shuriken Cannon upgrade will also be placed under one of the pods.

The Warlock is sitting straight on the bike (because he is a Old Wise Man) but for the Guardians (and maybe Shining Spears: they look quite nice in the new Codex) I plan to have them leaning forward like the current Dark Eldar Reaver pilots

Here are some pics of the bike without it's raider

What do you guys think?


  1. I thought that was a Reaver hiding being the Eldar jetbike parts :-)

    Awesome conversion, I totally agree with the "harley" parable and quite disapointed that they have not update the designs.

    I´m definately inspired to pick a box of each up and give it a go...

    Really nice work!

    1. ahahah thank you!

      If you like it than definitely give it a go, the Reaver is a very nice kit to work with :)

  2. Awesome conversion. What did you use for the warlock legs?

    1. Thank you! The legs came from the High Elf Mage kit from Warhammer Fantasy Battles