Sunday, 19 January 2014

Vaul's wrath support battery: 3x Shadow Weaver - update 2

Quick update on the Support Batteries: after masking the yellow areas I painted the blue bits:

And after carefully removing the masking tape ...


  1. The power of the airbrush! Nice mastering of the airbrush rendering is pretty.
    Nice work for the Eldar army.

  2. I really love the yellow, how did you do it on these ones? especially the orange shadow areas, I think they look amazing!

    1. Hi there and thank you! The base yellow color is Sun Yellow from the Vallejo Game Colours line. I then highlighted it by mixing more and more Vallejo Model Color Ice Yellow to the Sun Yellow. For the "orange" shadows, I used a 3:2 mix of Sun Yellow and GW Warlock Purple, then this mix 1:1 with GW Liche Purple and then this second mix 1:1 with Model Color Gloss Black. In the end I put a 1:1 glaze of Sun Yellow and GW Lamenter Yellow all over the yellow areas. The black lining is done with a 1:3 mix of violet ink and a black wash.
      Hope it helps :)

    2. Thank you very much good sir! Helps alot and it really looks great! :)