Thursday 31 October 2013

Tau allied detachment

Hi guys!

After the completion of the Imperial Ruin I started working on a Tau allied detachment for my Eldar army. I'm still working on the fine details of the army list but I'm pretty much sold on the following units:
  • Tau Commander: it bring so much on the table as a support unit and I think it will work very well with a couple of Eldar units I've in mind
  • XV104 Riptide Battlesuit: awesome firepower on highly-mobile MC that could tag-team with my Wraithknight
  • Kroot Carnivore Squad: a solid troop choice (as far as a Tau can be) that can bring some shoots in late game turns or act as meat shield for a high-profile unit

Models-wise I'm currently painting the Riptide: here it is after the first layers of colours were applied. I did not like the puny little head that comes standard with the kit so I've built it a new one trying to achieve the same look of the XV-9 battlesuits from Forge World

Speaking of XV-9 battlesuits: Shas’o R’alai was gentle enough to drop in and act as my Tau Commander: 

I'm probably going to complete the Riptide before starting to paint the Commander but ... we will see :)

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