Friday, 26 October 2012

My personal chaos

How do you define "chaos"? A common definition is "a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order"

Seems pretty spot on, uh? As it happens, you could use the same definition to describe my hobby life. Seriously!

I started playing Warhammer 40000 roughly three years ago and I was immediately drawn in this obscure and really intriguing world of war gaming, collecting, modelling and painting. It was all new to me, I never actually played with models / toy soldiers before (if you exclude Lego) and I certainly never used a brush to the extent required in this world so it was a really slow start.

So slow that after three years I still don't have a painted army, just some experiments here and there.

I could say in my defence that I have little time to dedicate to the hobby as I (luckily) have a full time job so I usually sat down with my minis for two hours late in the evening and on the weekends.

Yeah I could say that, it's true but the real problem is another one: I can't stay focused on one project at a time! I keep jumping from one idea to another, I start building this unit and then I suddenly think that it will be cool to assemble or paint another model and I stop what I'm doing at the moment and follow the new idea. So, as you can imagine, I have a bunch of half started models and nothing is getting done....

A real chaos!

To regain some sort of order I decided to start this blog to help me stay focus on one (or maybe two or three as I also bore easily...) project at a time. For the same reason (and also to give a little something back to the wonderful hobby community you could find there) I recently started a YouTube channel. There are only a couple if videos up there at the moment but if you are interested you could find it here

So... What could you expect to find here?

That's a really good question!

My main army (and first love) is Eldar and I'm in the process of building a Dark Eldar one

I'm currently working on an Aegis Defence Line for my space Elves, some Raiders/Ravagers for the Dark Kin and a model conversion for a friend. I've also some Chaos models from Dark Vengeance on the table (well, in a box UNDER the table actually...) and I recently bought some of the new Chaos Space Marines models. Not that I'm planning to start a CSM army but I really like the models and the World Eaters / Khorne fluff so expect to see some red / brass stuff around here. I'm also a big fan of Forge World so you may see some (good) resin too.

I will try to start a small project at the time (like the Aegis) and complete it before moving to something else but I already known that it would be hard to do so... I had to hid the HelDrake I just bought because it was staring at me and i keep hearing this voice saying "build me, build me" in my head!

A real chaos... Seriously!

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