Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hobby vows - January 2013

I started this blog as a way to keep me focused on my projects and the hobby and so far I'm having good results. As a next step in this direction I'm going to start to give me a set of goals, or vows, for each months dividing them in three categories:

  • Primary vows: what I want to complete within the current month
  • Secondary vows: what I should work on but do not have the same priority as a as primary vows
  • Bonus vows: what I'd like to work on if I have the time

Primary vows should be the main focus of the month and should not be slowed down by the other two categories. Nothing bad will happen if I can not meet the deadlines but I still like to have them in place to keep things organised

That said, let's move on this month vows!


  1. Complete building and pre-paint steps of two Dark Eldar Ravagers
  2. Complete building and pre-paint steps of two Dark Eldar Raiders


  1. Define a paint scheme for the vehicles of my Dark Eldar kabal 


  1. Build the Chaos Space Marines Terminator Lord for my Khorne / World Eaters collection

It's a bunch of stuff for me. Let's see what I could do by the end of the month!

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